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  • Siggi Sekira

    The Forest Song: All of Me Wants All of You

    1.9.2022–15.10.2022 Prague
    • EN

    All of Me Wants All of You

    Single barbed wombs placed on chunks of wood. The sigh of her once productive loins. Unloved by her husband, she walks alone through the dark forest, heavily pregnant. She later gives birth to a child: a creature, half-human. The child is destined to be as unloved as her mother.

    She walks through the mist. She prays. She sits on the wet ground, shivering, her legs bruised. The ground is overgrown with moss. She leaves the child sleeping under an oak tree.

    Her chest opens like a lush flower. It hurt to breathe, like smoking a first cigarette.

    She knows he has already sent his wild animals after her. She has gradually lost the feeling of her body. One heartbeat after another before the organ gives in. One last kiss on her daughter’s head before she herself is torn into pieces.

    The rain fell and washed away all that was left of her body. All spikes and sinew now. The heart-shaped blotches of earth coming from beneath the ground.

    The child was left alone.

    The mother prayed for her child, but knew it was all in vain.

    The daughter never cried again because he was finally gone.